Aero Jarrow boots - black

Okay, even we can’t try and justify this boot as proper biking wear. Yet, these days, half the boots on the market have a supposed CE certification for motorcycling, and frankly many of those boots are little more than trainers. Given that as a context, here is a boot that is well up to the job of being worn on a bike. What’s more, these boots are so rugged that they’ll probably still be in us way after you have hung up your helmet. They also have the added benefit of being ineffably cool.

The boot is based on the boot that was used by ship builders in the 1930’s, and as such was worn by most of those who participated in the Jarrow March of 1936. For those of you who didn’t do history at school, the Jarrow March consisted of 200 shipbuilders, who marched on London to protest against the high level on unemployment and poverty, particularly in the North East. The year before, the local shipyard had closed down. This was the Great Depression, and life was tough for many workers, but in Jarrow the level of unemployment was around 70%. Photos of the march show that nearly all the workers wore this style of boot. Coincidentally, Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character also wore this very boot.

This copy of the boot comes with a proper Goodyear welted sole. It is made from high grade Horween Chrome tanned steerhide. Leather simply does not get more durable and, as you would expect, the boot is leather lined. It is made by hand in Northampton, using only traditional shoe-making techniques and skills. So, biking boot it is not. But if you want the coolest, short leather boot that money can buy we’d hazard a guess that you’ve just found it. This is a boot that you can wear anywhere; it’ll look just as good whether you’re in the pub, half way up a mountain, or kick starting an old Norton.

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