Aero 59 Highwayman jacket - brown

Before we get too far down the road, we should perhaps clarify some issues regarding the 'Highwayman' name. Highwayman was a brand of leather motorcycle jacket in the sixties. They made a wide range of jackets in an array of styles. They were basically another Lewis Leathers, and indeed were a competitor. The jacket we have here is called the Highwayman. It has been created by Aero Leathers in Scotland. But this jacket does not purport to be connected to the Highwayman brand. Rather, it is a very close copy of a famous style of jacket from a company called Rivetts of Leytonstone, who just happened to name this style the Highwayman. If all that's too confusing, read the above one more time. If that doesn't work, move on. Anyway, Aero's 59 Highwayman is a modern re-interpretation of the Rivetts original. It is made from a soft but thick British steerhide. In fact, the leather is very similar to the Connolly hide that, sadly, is no longer produced. As with the original, Aero uses genuine ball and chain zippers on the pockets and cuffs. The zippers in the cuffs have been sewn into the seams for a neater look, and the waist adjustment uses the pronged side buckles that were a popular feature at the time. The lining, of course, is a Royal Stewart tartan. Nothing else would be right. Many of the traditional British tailoring technique that have been employed in the construction of the '59 Highwayman will not be discernible to the untrained eye, but you can rest assured that no corners have been cut. This is one of the most authentic Ace Cafe style biking jackets you will find anywhere. The fact is that they don't make them like this anymore. Well, except for Aero, who do. We do the jacket in brown and black, and as we have a 'two jackets a week' contract with Aero, if we don't have the jacket size you want in stock, we can normally supply one pretty quickly.  Product Code: GPL964

  • Copy of original 50s and 60s Highwayman jacket
  • British steerhide outer
  • No frills leather jacket
  • Full length zip
  • 2 zip pockets
  • Snap clasp at end of the zip
  • Fold down collar

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