Resurgence Voyager jeans - vintage brown

The Resurgence Voyager jeans have been designed from the lining out. Thelining material is made from a material called PEKEV and has been 10years in the making. Similar to Kevlar but with different mix of aramidsand ethylene making it lighter, thinner and stronger. The jeans are L2CE approved EN13595-1 with an industry leading 10.83 second abrasionresitance. The Resurgence Voyager jeans are made from a high quality13oz denim with a soft inner mesh lining over the PEKEV lining whichlines the entire garment from waist to leg hem. They also come completewith a pair of KNOX Flexiform CE approved knee and hip pads EN1621-1.These jeans are designed in California to look like regular fashionjeans off the bike with no additional stitch lines from armour andliners to ruin the look.

Please note that stirrups should be taut when on the bike at all times. 
Product Code: RSG001

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£175.00 was £240
  • PEKEV lining covering 100% of garment
  • Industry leading 10.83 sec abrasion resistance
  • L2 CE approved EN13595-1
  • 13oz denim
  • Soft mesh lining
  • CE approved KNOX Flexiform knee and hip armour EN1621-1
  • Look like regular jeans
  • Traditional 5 pocket design

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