We got all hot under the collar a few weeks ago while featuring a stunning, era transcending Harley Sportster by Taipei's 2 Loud Custom. Max Ma is back again with another jaw dropper, this time with one of the best BMW R nineT street trackers we've seen to date. Max's keen eye for the perfect line began with the fuel tank. The podgy original has been replaced by a svelte, low profile shape, hand beaten and rolled from sheet steel. A Motogadget Motoscope Pro all-in-one speedo is mounted in a crescent rebate ahead of the machined and hand finished tank cap, which makes for a super minimal dash. In fact Max paid particularly attention to hiding things. Switchgear wires run through the bars while two ECUs, the ABS and fuel pumps, Li-Po battery and a bunch of the wiring harness have been buried under the tank and in-between the frame's spars. The ignition is the stock key type but relocated within easy reach to the left of the rear shock. The R nineT's mechanicals are supremely engineered and rarely need messing with so Max concentrated on the finishes. The front-end was stripped of its gaudy gold anodising and re-treated to better match the rest of the bike. Pirelli's splendid MT60RS tyres suggest dirt intentions but are more than capable of being pushed hard on tarmac. Which is handy as the swept-back bars and upright riding position make this a 115hp supermoto-esque fun machine. A tiny 4.5" headlight makes the front look even beefier than it is. An H2 shock from Gears Racing replaces the stock unit and offers a wider range of adjustability, plus the gloss black spring and titanium anodised body look damn good. BMW's carefully sculpted intake scoop is long gone, the 1170cc twin sucks through a brace of K&Ns instead. The stainless exhausts and brackets are Max's own handiwork. The driveshaft housing, rocker and timing covers are now gloss black to give a moodier look and show-off the silver powdercoated frame. The rear hoop is all new and the stubby rear fender was formed on the English wheel. An MS Pro machined alloy rear light and turn signals aren't as small as the minuscule Motogodaget items fitted so often these days but actually look decent as feature pieces. The leather saddle appears eminently comfortable and a fine lace from which to pilot this fantastic looking machine. Just a shame Taipei is nowhere near Shoreditch. We'd love to have Max join us in May next year for our next show, with some of his creations of course, to rub shoulders with the cream of Europe's building elite. This is one R nineT that BMW Motorrad would probably want to have on their own stand..... See more from 2 Loud Custom on Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Instagram