32tooone Enduro 900 1 The 'braap-braap' of a big single railing a dune peak or lofting the front wheel skywards in the Mojave Desert is what gets the blood pumping of this classy Triumph Scrambler’s owner. Vintage 70’s Motocross and Enduro bikes provided the two-wheeled nourishment for Santiago Ares growing up and it’s led to quite the personal collection. Though he’s tried alternative fruits from the motorcycling bush it’s always been the soft, knobbly kind that he comes back to. 32tooone Enduro 900 2 In the early nineties he hopped on a 650 single and thumped his way cross country to California just for fun. By the mid nineties he had finally stopped vibrating. It can be difficult to ignore the downfalls of a dedicated off roader for everyday commuting though, so it was decided something with a 70/30 street bias was required. But it still had to have the ability to tear up a gravel fire road with a suitable soundtrack when required. 32tooone Enduro 900 3 Having met an unfortunate bike/ground interface with just 900 miles on the clock, this Triumph Scrambler found the outstretched arms of Santiago, willing to nurse it back to health. With the damage restricted to incidentals that would be replaced anyway, the heart of the Hinckley bike provided a solid base with which to tinker. 32tooone Enduro 900 4 The 270 degree crank of the Triumph Scrambler is a great place to start. Unlike its road based brethren the offset throws create a pleasingly coarse bark, which has been amplified and exaggerated by the twin mini reverse cones. Replacing the under-damped original shocks with a set of Hagons gives the tyres a better chance to dig in and propel you forwards, be it on asphalt or gravel. 32tooone Enduro 900 5 Night time riding is no bother; no path will ever be too dark with the oversize Baja Designs headlight, which Santiago describes as being ‘like a train spot-light’. The rims were stripped, powdered and re-laced before being smothered in Bridgestone’s Trailwing 101s. Other nods to the dirt include a chunky Pro-taper bar and grippy pivoting footpegs while Joker Machine and British Customs provide the touchy-feely bits. 32tooone Enduro 900 6 His good friend Mark, a fabrication magician who worked for Boeing, crafted a new instrument binnacle to house the ignition and low-profile British Customs speedo. Sufficient to cover the legalities yet small enough to survive a drop in the dirt. Mark also turned his attention to the underside of the bike, knocking up a stunning XT500 inspired bash plate. 32tooone Enduro 900 7 A lustrous coating of Porsche Agate Gray laid down by the guys at Perfection Auto, gives a classy yet rugged finish complemented by factory look ‘Enduro 900’ side covers. Perfect for sneaking up on a GS1200 along a dusty track. Having knocked a useful 25lbs off the original bikes weight Santiago is having great fun blasting around town and hitting the fire roads. And if things get a little too hardcore then it’s back to the garage to pick a more suitable steed. 32tooone Enduro 900 8 Check out Santiago’s site www.32toone.com for more information on his passion and bikes.