Ad Hoc SR250 1 Ad Hoc; ad/adj - "created for a particular purpose as necessary." The definition behind the brand of David Gonzalez's Barcelona based Ad Hoc Cafe Racers is a mission statement for his bike building. Created for purpose. The purpose of this little bike was to create a sweet set of wheels for funky young man Arnau G, whose initials swap in for the Ad of Ad Hoc to name his prized ride. As we have come to expect and enjoy from Ad Hoc, the bike is a beauty, evolving and expanding their unique aesthetic. Ad Hoc SR250 2 This is Ad Hoc's first foray into the world of Scramblers, until now David has built a series of beautiful cafe racers based on machines such as a Morini 35o, a CB75o, and that glorious Cagiva Allazurra (a personal all time BikeShed favourite). But for this build the clip ons were out and the knobblies were in, reflecting the extreme sport spirit of its owner. Arnau G's skate and surf predilection also inspires the most striking feature of this build, the brand infused tank artwork. A lacquered vinyl homage to his favourite things. Ad Hoc SR250 5 The bike has a stance and configuration reminiscent of those light 70's European scramblers from the likes of Husqvarna and Bultaco. The loaf of bread seat and long Betor shocks look like they could happily bounce you up any unforgiving path and the Dunlop Geomax tires could churn through far denser greenery than the AstroTurf of the photo shoot. It is a bike that even at a stand still begs to be charged at the unsuspecting countryside. Ad Hoc SR250 4 Much work has a gone into giving the bike its clutter free look, electrics have been tucked up beneath the seat and a lithium battery stored beneath the swing arm. The switchgear has been intricately crafted and wired through the Renthal Low bars creating a bespoke, minimalist cockpit behind the tractor sourced headlight. Ad Hoc SR250 3 The tank once graced the unusual looking Derbi Coppa moped of the seventies, but now marries beautifully with the streamlined frame of the SR250. Minimalist mudguards are tied in using classic style mounts and everything below the tank is finished in a lustrous black. If the flashy apparel tank art is not to your taste it is easy to imagine any number of colour choices sitting atop this purposeful black workhorse. Ad Hoc SR250 6 A white wrapped pipe leading to a black megaphone muffler and quirky grenade valve caps complete the detailing. The engine took its place in the frame with no modifications required, save for some slight carburretion alterations. Ad Hoc SR250 7 Ad Hoc have created a funky modern machine atop the 89' SR250 platform, one that echoes the pocket street scramblers of yesteryear. A machine created for a modern Gent with an eye for the best bits of the past. Ad Hoc SR250 8 See all of Ad Hoc's striking work on their Bikeshed Page.