Yes, yes, it's yet another Ducati Sport Classic cafe racer, but aren't they pretty? - and this one is another beauty that just has to be featured somewhere on the interweb for people to drool over. This particular bike belongs to Stephano from Vancouver, otherwise known as Muzzmann on the forums. He got kicked out of out of school, going on to work in bike shops before getting into bike-building on everything from choppers to Supermotos before getting into road racing and drag racing. He lists a 966 Monster, 06 SC Monoposto, 07 SC Biposto, 73 CB 750 Honda, 75 Harley Shovelhead on his list of owned bikes - so it's fair to say he's a thoroughbred biker - although he's been in civil law enforcement for the last 25+ years. He's certainly a colourful character and contributes a lot to the scene... ...But there's more to Stephano and this bike, as this Ducati Sport Classic featured in Tron Legacy the movie, on which Stephano acted as on-set mechanic for the stunt work, including the bridge jump in the opening scene. As well as doubling as a recliner for gorgeous ladies (scroll down if you just can't wait), this bike is equally well-equipped in other areas, with an oversize 1123cc engine boasting MBP ported & flowed heads, 2mm oversized valves, MBP colletts, EMS shims, DP Cams, FCR 41 Keihins, his own design CNC'd 6061 intake manifolds and velocity stacks, Pistal 100mm pistons (compression now 13-1), Carillo rods, knife-edged, lightened & balanced crank, lightened flyweel... (and breathe) ...a dry clutch conversion with lightweight clutch basket, speedymoto pressure plate, 999 clutch pack, custom designed 6061 CNC machined upper & lower belt pulleys, nickel plated belt tensioners, custom machined layshaft (2 sets of woodruff keys 180deg apart), polished engine covers, custom CNC'd front sprocket cover, custom CNC'd crank access cover, crankcase flaws sanded out and painted black, tremclad cylinders & heads. The cooling fins have even been machined flat and polished for close-up perfection. ...and all this is just for starters... so here's a break from the tech:

Jen is not your usual bolt-on modification (Stephano claims she is his Crew Chief?)

Jen helped run things for Stephano at Bonneville - where he got 142 out of his SC

Just to prove it, here's Jen at work

So - Back to the Duc and it's never-ending technical spec... The FI has been ditched for carbs, the fuel pump & plate removed, replacement plate CNC'd 6061 c\w #6AN male bungs to allow an individual fuel line for each carb, #6AN alum ball valve fuel shut-offs, #6AN Aeroquip braided fuel line, fuel inlet joint at the carb modded for #6AN adapter. ...He's also installed over-sized needles and seats to allow max fuel flow. (Are you paying attention at the back?) Electrical: Re-mapped Nemises ECU powered by an Odessey Glass Matt battery in a custom box under tank with the OEM box and mounts removed. Dyna 30,000volt .7ohm coils, starter solenoid mounted on box. Mosfet RR mounted behind the steering neck to a plate welded between frame tubes, Taylor 8mm HP auto steel core plug wires and an essential MPS lanyard kill... Just in case...

Shiney, blingy...

The Suspension and chassis feature a converted biposto to monoposto swing-arm, Penske shock, a fabricated stainless plate to mount the licence plate & light, fabricated tail\brake light panel, Braking Wave rotor, the frame powdercoated black, Speedmoto frame and axle sliders, Zard pipe, alloy 40-tooth rear sprocket matched to a 14T front with an EK 525 blue x-ring chain and Earls curved oil cooler mounted to frame c\w aeroquip stainless lines and Aeroquip AN fittings. Here's the Front End spec: 748 forks with Ohlins cartriges & springs, stripped forks, (polished and anodised black), Brembo 32\36mm front calipers ( stripped, polished and anodized black), custom CNC upper and lower triples (the upper has the Ducati wing carved into it) while the lower triple doubles as brake junction and is fixed to the chassis with a Bitubo damper. Add in Earls stainless lines into Brembo radial brake and clutch masters operated by folding levers... And the Rear: Braking rotor - polished caliper mount, rebuilt, polished & ano'd black . (currently designing custom lower caliper mount for Brembo P4-24 caliper ) ...and of course the black and blue paintjob is custom.

Why black & blue? ...Think about it.

It's an exhaustive list of upgrades and mods, which I've actually edited down a little, but then again, Stephano has put the work in and wants to shout about every nut and bolt, and why not. ...Meanwhile, like every shed-builder you'll ever meet (without a deadline, budget or customer to deliver to) the bike isn't finished yet as Stephano still "needs" Kineo wheels and a rear brake upgrade... Obvious really...