Blitz R100 Tracker 1 There are Boxer customs and then there are Blitz Boxer customs. Ubercool Parisians Fred & Hugo have not only mastered the art of taking BMWs agricultural workhorse and turning it into a svelte streetbike, they've re-invented the phenomenon several times over, and blew us all away when they snuck a Honda tank, complete with Honda badge onto a BMW custom in the BMW museum. These guys have more front than Brighton. Blitz R100 Tracker 2 Sticking a small, classic, Honda CB125s tank onto the chunky boxer frame and bulbous opposing twin transforms the bike from chunky heavyweight into a brawny Welterweight fighter, but the Blitz builds are not just about a tank-swap, it's the whole stance, and the detail too. Blitz R100 Tracker 3 The whole silhouette of the bike provides an old school scrambler vibe, with the flat seat and upswept, wide crosser style bars. The bike also looks skeletal and light, without the OEM Beemer toaster tank kissing the top of the engine cases and the curvy airbox or battery. Blitz R100 Tracker 4 The wire spoked wheels are also a beautiful touch, although we have to confess we're not sure where they're from, but looking at where the spokes attach to the rims they look like modern BMW tubeless rims. Blitz R100 Tracker 5 The carbs run proper race style paper filters, which work a lot better than metal cones. The pipes are also very different from the usual fare in the cafe/custom scene, yes, they're wrapped - in white - but the use of flared modern stubby end cans suits the stocky stance. Blitz R100 Tracker 8 And on to the detail we mentioned... When you look closely, there are micro-switches, super minimal lighting, side-mounted instruments, and a modest little oil cooler, and there's a tiny battery tucked under the slimline flat brat-style seat. Blitz R100 Tracker 6 So our cards are on the table. We just subjectively like this bike. The Honda badge on the tiny tank will annoy all sorts of people, and some are just fed up with seeing another Boxer twin, but we think this build is the epitome of what this modern custom scene is all about; understated cool on a recycled bike that's been turned from a plodding hairy work-horse to a handsome show-jumper. Some people won't get it, but that's a good thing, otherwise everyone will want one. Thanks to Fred & Hugo for the hi-res photos. Blitz R100 Tracker 7