Forum Homepage Thumb You've been asking us to put up a Forum for about a year, but we weren't sure whether it was our place to have one, but, with almost as many comments as there are stories on our feature pages, and a Facebook page brimming with questions and requests, we realised we do need a place where you can all talk to each other without help from us. So - to talk about this 'new wave' cafe, brat, tracker, scrambler, bobber custom scene, welcome to the Bike Shed Forums. Not only can you share your knowledge or ask for help or info from each other, this is your place to post up your own build stories and photos without coming through the main site. Feel free to submit your bike as normal for a proper feature, but maybe you'll want to post it here first - or before you get those pro photos taken? The rules are very few, but please play nice. REGISTER HERE