Chappell Customs is run by brothers Chris - based out of LA in the US, and Rob - based out of Ontario in Canada, where, despite being 3000 miles apart, they somehow conspire to co-build some stunning customs, including this gold and metallic grey 1982 Yahama xs650, which you'll probably have seen already on sites like BikeEXIF.

The donor xs650 started out as a rolling chassis with odd wheels and pile of parts. Chris kept the engine and frame but pretty much everything else was removed and either rebuilt or binned.

The bike had been rattle-can sprayed so she needed to be stripped right back to the bare metal, and the engine was refurbished with honed cylinders, new rings, seals, gaskets and filters.

The forks were rebuilt with progressive springs, which offer a smooth ride on rough streets but firm up for harder riding - a great option for customs like these, although a little harder to set up. A new frame loop was welded-on to accommodate the cafe seat, the wiring loom was remade with new lights and turn signals with a light weight lithium-ion battery, while new hand controls link to higher performance brakes for modern stopping power, and a digital speedo takes care of keeping the rider informed whenever unreasonable speed limits appear on the twisties. You may have spotted that the tank isn't original, but this was intentional as Chris and Rob wanted the bike to carry more fuel, so they lifted a tank from an xs750. It's a nice practical touch on a bike made to be ridden as well giving the bike a more muscular appearance than the donor bike.

Other performance upgrades include gas powered rear shocks, aftermarket carbs, an RK chain - in other words, the bike has been completely sorted to make sure it's a clean and tidy ride that delivers whatever the rider will ask of it. Job done.

Chris & Rob look righteously pleased with themselves.

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