What makes all of this bike building stuff work for me, are the guys who have a passion and an attention to detail that means what they put together for themselves ends up being a real reflection of who they are as well as what they like to ride... Nothing you can buy from a shop floor can provide the pure pleasure that no-compromise home-builds and pro-builds can. Christian is another Shed-builder from the forums with an attention to detail and clear ideas about what he likes (and what he doesn't). Like many of us who were teenagers in the 70s, motorcycles of that era still have a hold on him, especially Italian machines. This perfect example of the Classic Guzzi cafe racer is now for sale here.

He's been putting this stunning Guzzi together over several years and as a product designer who doesn't like compromise, there's very little left of the the original bike, and what is original has been rebuilt.

The 78 LeMans started it's rebuild in 1994, and now six years, and three incarnations later he's got the bike where he wants it to be, and I think it's a real stunner. In fact I'd love a bike like this in my garage. It's been 10 solid months of work with help from an old specialist, Sigi, who has been building race bikes since the late 60s, and MG workshops.

The finished bike has a 950cc engine with tuned heads, super light race clutch, electronic ignition and modern and minimal electrics are surrounded by a customized frame, Marzocchi forks and triples, FAC shocks and spoked wheels.

The seat was laminated by a brazilian surf guru and upholstered with finest italian calfskin... the front fender is also pure custom work. Numerous parts from classic italian + swiss suppliers were added... Lafranconi, Stucchi, Agostini, Verlicchi, Paioli, G+G, Armec just to name a few. Frame and swingarm are zinc plated, powder coated and cavity sealed... tank seat and fender are painted in 70s Ferrari silver, and naturally it's all held together by stainless steel and titanium screws... UPDATE - this bike is now for sale by the owner. Email me at info@oldbikeshed.wpengine.com if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with Christian.