This 2008 Bonnie based Brat-style Bobber is the latest creation to emerge from the workshop of Pedro Garcia and Cafe Racer Dreams in Spain. The rear is kept clean to show-off the trademark subrame loop. Fat rubber and a flat seat give this Brat-style lines, complemented by a scrambler style high level exhaust (mind yer thighs, missus) Side-mounted plate and light nods to US custom style and keeps things clear at the rear, while a deep tread shows a sense of purpose. Here's what Pedro Garcia told The Bike Shed about this build: "Our plan was build a muscular motorcycle with the stance and attitude of a Harley. To get every detail right, we spent a long time talking to Juan, the customer, in person and by email. Often, people find it hard to explain exactly what they want in words, so they'll send pictures and describe their feelings about the ride, and we might work out that we need to lower the suspension. We started out with the exhaust system, planning a 2 into 2 which gave us a lot of work to do. Despite the high location that Juan demanded (despite us trying to persuade him otherwise) it actually runs cooler that the original system, and we think the end result was worth the extra effort. From there we went on to sort the chassis and suspensions where the bike takes it's final character, which for our customer, meant cutting the back-end short and fitting fat tyres to black rims. Our biggest challenges during the build we delays in some key parts which meant we had to finish up in less than four days, including all the electrical work." The spec is as follows: Custom base : Triumph Bonneville 2009 fuel injection Handle bar : Renthal Ultra Low Fuel tank : Original, repositioned Rear fender: None Frame : reworked by CRD Seat : CRD Foot peg : original Headlight : Bobber style Battery case : Aluminium CRD handmade Muffler : GR for CRD handmade. 100% CRD design Carburetor : Fuel injection Air filter : K&N Front wheel : 18¨ Guzzi style Front tyre : Dunlop k 180 (130/80/18) Rear wheel : 18¨ Guzzi style Rear tyre : Dunlop k 180 (130/80/18) Paint : original at the moment, this winter we´ll paint it The lucky new owner is Juan, and I can only assume he is as impressed as we are with this cool, understated street-machine.