Dreamwheels Copper B "I have a dream I want to share with the world..." Hélder Moura from Portugal is passionate about his motorcycle. His 1973 BMW R50/5 started life as a police workhorse, but in Hélder's minds eye it was a show pony waiting to be let loose. The enthusiasm and pride he takes from his creation is infectious; in his passionately written email he tells of his journey, dreams, friendships and hard work. He includes definitions of the name bequeathed to the bike, Copper, both in its elemental form and the derivation of the slang police title; "someone who captures". His motorcycle and his zest have certainly captured our attention, this is his story. Dreamwheels Copper C Working as a Marketer for an engineering company in recession hit Portugal, Hélder's motorcycle customising plans led him to Jose Miguel Martins, his car mechanic, whose father had been his fathers mechanic before that. Together they decided to form a brand and start building motorcycles, Dream Wheels Heritage is their creation. Hélder takes up the story, "Miguel is the true mechanic that knows what to do, and I’m an “idiot” (the guy with ideas) we both have a big passion about bikes and cars." This partnership introduced them to the budding Portuguese bike scene and builders such as Osvaldo Coutinho (it roCkS!bikes) Daniel Cabral (Ton Up Garage) and Nuno Capêlo (Capêlos Garage). Dreamwheels Copper D Jose set to work on the Beemer. He hand made a new rear subframe and fitted new shocks whilst the forks were swapped out for items from a Honda VTR 1000 that bear a new 18"rim, the Honda also dedicated its front and rear brakes to the project. New repositioned footrests alter the riding position completing the dynamic alterations. Crowning the forks is that splendid 1950's Headlight, adapted from a US Pioneer 145 fog light. Dreamwheels Copper E The steampunk cues carry over from the headlight to the curiously positioned Bing Carbs taken from a BMW R100. They perch above the cylinders like a pair of oil lit carriage coach lamps lending the Bike a quirky, unique, distinctly vintage visage, a look completed by the Firestone Deluxe rubber. Blitz Motorcycles supplied the switchgear whilst the speed sensor for the Daytona digital speedometer was sourced from a Vw Polo. A hydraulic clutch, new wrapped exhausts and retro stop light were also fitted. Dreamwheeosl Copper A The colour is a Mini Cooper Hot Chocolate shade that compliments the handmade leather seat and kneepads whilst allowing the brass highlights to take centre stage. The two man team have created a standout debut bike to carry their new brand to the masses and have clearly had a ball doing it. The last words must be Hélder's, "It is the true story of passion about two wheels, how people engage themselves when they love something and share their passion. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic: it takes sweat, determination and hard work!" Amen to that. www.dreamwheels-heritage.com