I was gonna write an adjective-laden intro to El Solitario, for those who may not have come across David and his work before, but after re-checking their own blog intro I realised there was no way I could improve on this, so here it is from the horses mouth: "It all started with a hallucinatory Galician Queimada brew spiked with peyote. Spirits were invoked, Steve McQueen and Hunter S Thompson were having burn-out competitions through the valleys of our amped-up brains, the last thing we heard them shout at dawn was ‘Fuck it man, life’s too short.’"

"The garage is our spiritual home where the constraints of traditional engineering inspire us and are regularly pushed by our imaginations. Bikes come in and are stripped to become a kind of blank canvas, inviting any number of re-interpretations."

"Our desire is to create machines that have so much character, they feel alive, needing to be tamed. Anthropomorphic instruments you must develop visceral relationships with in order not to kill you. Each bike is naturally a one-off, as to ride a unique bike is the only way we’d have it, particularly in these times of homogenous, mass-produced ubiquity."

"This company is a natural extension to our passions: riding motorbikes hard and living each day like it’s our last. What we do will always reflect our punk spirit, mediocrity will not be tolerated. We know what we like and if it ain’t out there or it isn’t being made anymore we’ll make it ourselves our way. Like our native Galicia, what we forge will be rugged, thrilling, often beautiful and always uncompromising"

And after all the Spanish, charm-laden verse, comes poetry in motion made of steel, leather and grease with this art-gallery worthy Ducati 350 single, named Chupito, which roughly translates into meaning 'shot' - as in down-in-one, and usually whiskey. The stunning photographs that always accompany El Solitario's builds are more than just a way to showcase the bike, with all it's mechanical detail and hand-painted touches (from Nico, AKA Ornamental Conifer), but what we love most about this set of pics is they perfectly illustrate the whole point of bikes - that they take you to a better place, in every way. Broken Bone ESMC logo also tells the story of what it sometimes means to be a biker. Not many customs carry this level of detail. Chupito's Beating heart, from Bologna via many hours of spannering. Surely she needs a rifle holder too...? Pretty girl is an optional extra. She's clearly 'lost' in thought: Pipe looks like it comes straight from the pen of Dr Seuss, as goes the gas-cap latch. Brilliant. ...and no, these shots have not been mirrored. The perfect closing shot, sunset, after a day of warm riding away from the city. Each bike from El Solitario is a work of art, unique and littered with detail and quality, but they're not museum pieces or made for the living room carpet, they're made to be ridden.