Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 1a THUMB Fuel Motorcycles aren't newcomers to the BMW custom scene, having shared a few of their previous builds here in the Shed. The Fuel workshop is in Barcelona but their customer base is further reaching. Didier, from France; OK not that far but you get the idea, wanted a two-seater version of the Fuel R80 Strial. Karles Vives, owner of Fuel, set to work on this, a 1985 BMW R80 ST. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 2 Starting at the front, K75 Sport forks have been grafted in; machined triple clamps and a new axle deal with compatibility issues. Beemers aren't renowned for braking prowess so Fuel have designed their own upgrade. A single, oversize 320mm disc is gripped by a 4-piston caliper Brembo mounted to a custom bracket, powered by a Nissin master cylinder. Not only does the lower weight of a single disc option improve handling, it also allows a hefty looking bike to visually flirt with its dirt oriented intentions. A fully adjustable Wilbers 632 rear shock keeps the rear in check, on or off-road. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 3 The headlight is small unit from a classic Spanish trail bike, guarded a metal grille and mounted by a bespoke bracket. Medium rise, Tomaselli handlebars with a slight sweep are just vintage motocross enough without being over the top. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 4 Motogadget's speedos are ubiquitous on so many builds these days for good reason, they work! Visually and practically; giving you the information needed whilst keeping the MOT man happy. The ignition barrel has been relocated to maintain a tidy dash. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 5 The normal R80 2-into-1 exhaust has been swapped for a double muffler set up, custom headers into a pair of long and slim Hoskes. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 6 The stock subframe was cast aside and replaced with freshly bent and welded tubes to create a more svelte rear. So often with BMW off-roader and brat style builds the rear looks like a skinny afterthought, following a lardy front and middle. The perfect proportions of the handmade saddle give two people something decent to sit on and balance the visual line fore and aft, as well as above and below the fuel tank. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 7 Choosing tanks isn't as simple a task as some would have you believe, achieving the right lines at the detriment of fuel capacity is an easy way to upset a customer. this gorgeous Kawasaki KZ900 unit looks as if it was destined to sit atop an old Airhead. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 8 Oury grips, a Magura clutch lever and switchgear from some old triumph are less clunky and more handsome than standard componentry. Indicators are sensibly sized versions by Moto Posh of Japan. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 9 Continental TKC 80s are great for loose gravel roads, and Tarmac, despite what the armchair moaners say. SW-Motech foot pegs with removable rubber bungs give further credence to the STrial 4Two and its off road intentions. Fuel R80 STrial 4Two 10 We are sent images of BMWs on a daily basis, some near the mark, some a distance away. Fuel know what they're doing and have again executed a cracking on road/off road build that hits the mark, right in the sweet spot. To commission a build head over to their website. Pics by Jordi Cortes