Give us a go, mister?

I really love it when someone randomly sends us a picture of their pride and joy, especially when it looks as good as this. Jamie stumbled into The Shed and realised it was a temple of worship, purpose-built to herald all the hard work he's put into this lovely XS 650 tracker. It's based on the Shell Racing bikes and most of it is his own hard work, built in a shed with a grinder, welder, fueled by tea and at least part-funded with Halfords Vouchers. Now if that isn't the ultimate description of a shed-build, I'm not sure what is.

Real bikes have kick-starters

Jamie built adapters to turn a front wheel into a rear, allowing him keep the disc brake and hydraulic clutch conversion. The pipes came from Omar's Dirt Track Racing in the US and Central Wheels rebuilt the hoops. We think she's a stunner and are happy to have a proper tracker in The Shed to sit along side Spirit's S3 and S6. Good work Jamie.