Glenn Moger's 650 Triumph (Redmax Speedshop). September 2013. When it comes to rear-end style and comfort Glenn Moger is the man, being responsible for many of the high quality seats and upholstery to be found on the UK builds on the Bike Shed's pages. We first came across Glenn when he was recommended by Steve from Redmax Speedshop, after which he went on to make the seat for our Bike Shed's KZ1000 build by Untitled Motorcycle and later featured on BikeEXIF. It's no surprise then, that when Glenn wanted a Triumph 650 tracker, he turned to Redmax for help with the build. Glenn Moger's 650 Triumph (Redmax Speedshop). September 2013. The build came about when Glenn went hunting for a Triumph engine and knew there was a part finished Triton up for grabs. Glenn ended up buying the bike for himself with plans to build a bike around a Metisse frame, but when Steve at Redmax showed Glenn one of their C&J replica frames the plan changed again, and the tracker project began. Glenn Moger's 650 Triumph (Redmax Speedshop). September 2013. However, this build wasn't your average eight-week project as the bike ended up being the rolling testbed for many of Redmax's parts. The bike was completed over two years in fits and starts, as time and cashflow allowed, with Steve donating workshop space, parts and good advice - which Glenn often ignored, at his peril. GM Tracker E The donor engine that started it all is a standard 650 1969 T120, mounted in a Redmax Speedshop C&J replica frame with a Redmax Trackmaster tank and Redmax Knight seat unit. The entire front end and wheels come from a Harley Sportster, courtesy of Si Harris at Attitude Customs. The Harley brake was retained at the front with the rear brake being a Brembo unit made for a BMW. GM Tracker D Steering is taken care of with Triumph handlebars wearing AJS levers and mastercylinder, while the speedo is from Digitial Speedos. Lighting is old school; Bates style at the front and Lucas at the rear. When it comes to finishes, the Powdercoating was taken care of by Trestans at Woolston with polishing by Glenn's mate Dave (we all need a few useful Daves) while the paint was by Mark and decals by Steve Clarke. GM Tracker C The pipes were made by Glenn with help from Steve and Stevo in Oakhanger. All the rest of the work, including the seat of course, was done by Glenn with help from his son Shaun who apparently also supplied Glenn with "a few kicks up the arse when I was struggling with incentive or enthusiasm." GM Tracker B It's hard not to love trackers. They define motorcycling at it's most simple and enjoyable, with punchy power, easy handling and the kind of road manners that inspire confidence, and this Redmax/Moger build is a lovely example. Thanks to Glenn & Steve for sharing and to Greg Moss for the lovely pics.