If you haven't already seen this mighty Guzzi cafe racer from Alain Bernard of Santiago Chopper already, then you've missed out, as it's once of the nicest builds out there. Full stop. At first look it defies it's youth - being based on a 1996 Moto Guzzi v1100 Daytona (see below) because all the shapes still evoke thoughts of the late 70's leMan's bikes. Then you notice the Brembo goldlines, the wide cast wheels and cast chassis parts at the swingarm pivot.

Despite the fact that this bike is 15-10 years younger than the bikes this custom build emulates it's amazing how much hasn't changed, despite obvious improvements to the chassis and engine. The more powerful engine has however been upgraded in performance by new stainless pipes and and a set of Keihin CR 41mm carbs. Seems like it's not only supermodels that look better naked...

The rear end and subframe is all new, and fitted with an Imola style racing seat. A tiny Lithium Ion battery from AntiGravity is tucked away along with ugly wiring and inconvenient electrical items that all bikes secretly need to function. The finish on the tank isn't actually carbon fibre, but is wrapped by Grace FX Hydro Graphics while the rest of the paint and finish on chassis parts and the engine was from Craig Paint Bikes.

But who cares about all this detail. What this bike has above all is a really high score when it comes to the amount of minutes you stare at it before you walk away, whether you've just parked it up as the owner, or seen it on the street as an envious passer-by. Ten out of ten.