HGC Project #16 Rside We don't see many builds out of Argentina but clearly the talent and good taste are all there, and you can assume there are also some stunning places to ride in such a beautiful and unspoiled country. This pretty little understated Kawasaki Kz650 was built by Federico Lozada and his crew at HCG who've been around for a while. This is their 16th build - and she started out like this... HGC Project #16 Donor Black Renthal bars and chrome 60mm speedo set the scene up front. (Time to put some miles on fellas) HGC Project #16 clock A small bates style headlamp sits tucked-in snuggly between the forks, which wear rubber gaitors, fattening up the look of the front tubes and matching the off-road vibe of the chunky tyres. The lack of a front mudguard suggests good weather rides only tho. HGC Project #16 Combo 1 A lotta workshops reckon Kawasaki Zeds need stronger engine mounts and replace the plates. A nice opportunity for some subtle branding. HGC Project #16 engine mount Ohlins at the back suggests no compromise when it comes to keeping the back wheel on the tarmac for maximum grip and oily-smooth comfort. HGC Project #16 Combo 2 Mini LED lamp sits on a shortie fender at the rear. Clean and bright. HGC Project #16 Tail 2 The finished bike is a perfectly proportioned Brat Style custom with all the right ingredients and build quality, and right up our street here at The Bike Shed - so thanks to HCG for sharing. Federico Lozada is on the left with German Karp. See more from these guys on their website and Facebook pages which is pretty cool and well worth a LIKE. HGC Project #16  Federico Lozada & German Karp