Jesper 1 Jesper Johansen lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is part of community of riders called Keller Renner, because they're based in an underground car park (we think Keller means Cellar). Jesper is into vintage VWs and Porches, but like many vintage fans of four-wheels, the translation into the cafe/brat custom scene comes easily, although it's only recently that he's discovered the thrill of riding bikes; now he is hooked. "So, now I am an addict…" Jesper 2 Jesper's choice of the CB400 was based more around low-cost economics than what he thought was cool, but he's made the bike his own using the internet as a source for his ideas; "sites like The Bike shed were the biggest inspiration…" Having looked around and decided what he liked most, Jesper quickly resolved to turn his humble Honda into a Brat Tracker. Jesper 3 FBC "The CB400N was running fine so there was no need to restore the engine. First I cleaned it up, got rid of the tank, the plastics, and cut the frame, then bent and welded a U kick-up. I found a tank from a CM400T which got a chrome layer. I did the polish myself so it got that patina look." Jesper 4 The silencers were made from a bedpost and some old VW bug tail pipes (naturally) and the rest was made from "...bits and pieces lying around in the workshop, like the headlight mesh, taillight came from a Massy Ferguson tractor! The seat was a first try on an old Toyota sewing machine…" The tyres are fat knobbly Trials items, running 4x18 rear and 4x19 front. Jesper 6 It's a simple, clean bike made in the true spirit of the shed-build, recycling inappropriate parts, using bits that were found lying around, and learning new skills along the way. Bikes like this say everything about the owner and the way they come together makes them cooler than anything money can buy. Jesper 5 Thanks to Jesper for sharing the fruits of his hard labour and we look forward to seeing anything he builds in the future. We have a feeling there may be more... "So, now I am an addict…" Jesper 7