Jon Wright came across this 1974 CB360 in a Barn in Missouri and despite having never worked on a motorcycle before, he wanted to see if he could build his own old-school cafe racer himself, with more than a little help from the online community at cafe racer forum DoTheTon. The bike cost him just 200 bucks and wasn't in great condition when he picked it up. It wasn't even running and it needed "everything". Jon's original plan was to paint the bike up in a British Racing Green, traditional style, but apparently the bike had other plans and pretty much told him how it wanted to look. In terms of the actual build and mechanics, Jon was clueless and just had to figure everything out as he went along, but he loved every minute of the year-long build. Everything was done by Jon himself, with the exception of a carb tune and fitting the tyres (very sensible, Jon). The fibreglass seat was build by hand, and he stole his wife's sewing machine to make the seat cover. The paint was all done by the shed builder's favourite, the humble rattlecan, which turned out looking superb and much better than he'd expected. Overall this has turned out to be a lovely little cafe racer, and right up our street here on The Bike Shed. Jon wants us to credit the guys at the forum, without whom he says he could never have pulled it all off. If you have a build going on, and you're not already on DoTheTon, maybe it's time to take a look?