Josh Allison's BoardTracker 1 Quite fitting that it's TT race week on the Isle of Man, as many of us stare at TVs and laptops, fixated by the heroics of the two-wheeled gladiators before us, tingling from head to toe imagining the feeling of being completely and utterly flat out. Josh Allison, hot rod builder from Fort Collins Colorado, is transfixed by the seriously brave, leather helmeted Board Track racers of yesteryear and felt inspired to build himself a city lane splitter with its roots on the splintered, wooden ovals. Last year Josh had his KZ200 here in The Shed and has since built bikes for a raft of happy customers. OK, so it's got pedals and a piston the size of a penny but hey, it's "Built not Bought" and done so with enthusiasm, passion and finesse. That's good enough for us. Josh Allison's BoardTracker A In Colorado, small capacity bikes can be ridden in cycle lanes and on the open road without the need for licensing, so bikes like this are becoming increasingly popular. Although most folk will opt for something with a little more in the braking department. Josh Allison's BoardTracker B Tyres are 26" with the original Board Track pattern, in natural rubber white. The rigid rear end comes courtesy of a Schwinn cycle frame that was stretched 2 1/2 inches and dropped 2 before being reinforced with period style gusset brazing. A Monarch 2 springer front end looks period and gives a touch of comfort to the ride. Josh Allison's BoardTracker C 'Power', comes from 66cc two stroke unit with a CNS speed carb. Pedal to get going, pop the clutch and the tiny single bursts into life, propelling itself and rider to a top speed of, well it has a top speed, that's what matters. Josh Allison's BoardTracker D The tank was fabricated by Josh with a one-off petcock system to match. The bars are also bespoke and mounted in a modified stem to achieve a low, tucked position. The vintage leather, coil sprung seat is true to the original racers and keeps Josh's fillings in place, just. The whole thing was left to lightly oxidise before being protected with clear coat. Josh Allison's BoardTracker E On a day when a few of us in The Shed have been discussing building fun, small-bore chicken chasers, we'd love to give this bare racer a rip through the traffic. Just as long as stopping didn't need to happen too often.