Kevils Bmonda Lside FA 800

Seems like Kev Hill has decided to mix it up a little from the usual Kevils Speedshop blueprint- literally - with this Honda tanked - and badged - R100 Brat-style custom. Broad, up-swept Triumph handlebars with trendy brown grips and a yellow-lensed headlamp shout 1970s roadster almost as loud as the white-wrapped pipes' Mega silencers.

Kevils Bmonda TankTop 800

The donor is an R100/7 and was commission by Mark in London - and we expect to see her at The Bike Shed event this May. The retro Cream, Blue, White and Yellow paint is pure old-school but sits nicely beside satin black powdercoat on the cut down fenders. Kevils Bmonda RsideRA 800 The three-quarter length tuck and roll seat is Kevil's own, as is the usual attention to detail and finish that all Kev's customers can expect from his builds.

Kevils Bmonda Tail 800

The industrial looking rear lamp might have been wrestled from one of Doctor Who's early Daleks and really looks the part.

Kevils Bmonda Lside RA 800

Original BMW snowflake cast wheels have a timeless look reminiscent of spokes but are a lot easier to take care of, and always look good in black.

Kevils Bmonda Engine 800 This is the kind of bike that makes you look twice - or maybe three times, once you clock the Honda badged Flat twin and trademark Beemer chassis parts, but it's not just the mix of brands that will get this bike plenty of attention at your local cafe, it's also the fact that she's just plain pretty.

Kevils Bmonda RALside 800

...and if you haven't ever ridden a BMW cafe-racer or brat-style scrambler then you might be in for a pleasant surprise. Old beemers look big but there's a lot of space around those engines, and the weight they do carry is very low. Also, the brakes actually work on later models, and there's a fair amount of grunt once you get used to the way Beemers deliver their modest power. Just ride the torque and enjoy.

Here she is in her natural habitat, hanging out in the Kevils' workshop, where we are also teased by a glimpse of her interesting looking cafe-cousin in beaten aluminium.

Kevils Bmonda Shop 800

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