macco-motors-black-dog-1-of-16Jose and Tito of Macco Motors are well renowned for their Triumph builds, so much so that they attract the attentions of those from far and wide. Commissioned from the sunny climes of San Francisco, the Black Dog needed to be built to travel, and the owner, Justin, knew what he needed from Macco… macco-motors-black-dog-7-of-16He knew that it had to be based on a 2015 Triumph Bonneville, he knew that it had to be matt black and that he wanted USD forks on there with double discs and radial brake callipers. All those initial ideas were great, but Justin’s best one was his deadline – he’d be flying with his girlfriend from SF to visit Macco the following year to collect the bike and ride it around in the Andalusian sun for 10 days. macco-motors-black-dog-3-of-16 So the Macco boys got to work. For the USD conversion, they sourced a pair of forks from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, to give a good front end height sitting in Free Spirits triple trees. They put a new wheel together from an 18” Thruxton, building it around a Free Spirits hub so that they could get the twin discs in there. They machined a wheel axle and brackets to accommodate the upfront mods, and used Tokiko brake callipers with a tidy Nissin brake pump to add stopping power for its two needs: mechanical braking and by-passer halting. Biltwell’s Tracker handlebars and grips helped to get the position right, with a tiny speedo from Motogadget sitting above a classically styled 7” headlight. macco-motors-black-dog-11-of-16The subframe, mudguards and side panels were all Macco-made, draped in handcrafted, rugged leather saddlebags to help out on the tour around Andalucía. macco-motors-black-dog-2-of-16A highlight of any Macco bike is the saddle which always subtly lets you know that it’s one of theirs, which you can now go about recreating for yourself on your own Bonneville, Thruxton or Scrambler (2000-2015), as Macco are taking orders for their bolt-on kit. Including the subframe loop and rear mudguard, as well as the seat itself – which comes in a choice of four colours on either the lined or diamond stitched finish. macco-motors-black-dog-4-of-16 The Black Dog was finished off with a set of pipe-wrapped Predator exhausts from British Customs, and a Dunlop F20 110 upfront/Metzeler Tourance 140 out back adding a scrambler air in the boots department. The matt black paint with red detailing then helped to make the bike ping. Justin did indeed pick it up for his trip around Andalucía – just the other week. It’s now back for a short stay at Macco HQ, before being shipped out to San Francisco. Rolling with all of the Hogs in California, this Bonneville will certainly stand out from the crowd. Stay up to date with Macco Motors and on Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Instagram | Web Photos by Sergio Ibarra