Macco 2 With Triumph's new water-cooled Bonnevilles hitting showrooms soon you'd think the marketplace would be awash with budget second hand buys, but no, 10 year old carb'd models still command decent resale values. Probably because custom shops around the world have completely streamlined the build process and component manufacturers continue to produce a fantastic array of bolt-on upgrades, giving a new lease of life to tired Bonnies and Scramblers. Macco 3Tito & Jose, founders of Macco Motors, are entering a fifth year of custom bike building from their Cadiz workshops and although they don't concentrate solely on Triumphs, their recipe is an appetising one and customers are queuing up for a taste. Klaus from Germany had been admiring Macco Motors' work for some time when he put the call to bagsy a build slot. Macco 4 The guys managed to source a 2006 Bonneville with just 7,000 km under its belt, an all important carburettored model. If you've ever stripped down a later EFi version you'll be fully versed in the lecky- spaghetti going on under the seat and tank. The lack of ECU on these early bikes means tidying the cockpit is a much more simple affair. An all-in-one speedo sits ahead of hi-rise Biltwell Moto handlebars, adjustable levers and Biltwell Thruster grips. The ignition has been relocated and now lives on the frame downtube. Macco 5 Stock fenders are pretty bulky so Macco Motors stock their own fibreglass versions, keeping weight low and the costs down. British suspension experts Hagon were turned to for the progressive fork springs and a pair of Nitro rear shocks. Macco 6Plugging the Bonnevilles severed frame tubes with a pair of indicators might have been a good solution two years ago but these days customers expect a slightly more considered finish, so here we have a tidy cut-n-loop job. The sumptuous saddle is covered in proper cowhide, diamond-stitched in-house. The cross strap is a nice touch. Macco 8As the donor bike was in such good order the mechanicals required only a thorough service. A stainless 2-into-1 exhaust was given a stealthy black treatment to blend in with the rest of the subdued yet considered colour scheme. Alloy-look knee scallops on the tank feature frequently on our pages, for good reason, they do a great job of reducing the original tank's visual bulk. A look that's been well executed by Macco builds of late. Macco1 With the legislators continually bashing the transport sector, and proportionally discriminating against motorcycles, perhaps Bonnies cooled by the wind will become classics in their own right. If in 20 years time they look this good, we'd gladly stand around in a field full of Triumphs comparing stories about the good old days. Check out more from Tito & Jose on Bike Shed Archive | Web | Instagram | Facebook Photos by Sergio Ibarra