Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 1 Jose & Tito have had a busy summer, but as well as the recent Dusty Pearl Triumph build they also found time to 'knock-up' this "BIG-Z RACER". Based on Kawasaki's trusty shaft-drive Z1100ST it's a beast of a bike to turn into a cafe/brat, but they make a solid machine with plenty of punch and presence, and a great daily ride. Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 2 The donor bike had already been through Jose & Titro's workshop doors at Maccomotors first build, but after the owner, Sandro, had a bit of a scare and decided to move on, the guys had a chance to recreate the bike in a new guise. Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 3 The subframe has been chopped - of course - to accommodate the brat/scrambler style flat seat while up front the bike uses new clips-ons with Beston grips, and a single mini speedo to monitor the big 1100 engine's progress, while a Bates lamp lights the way after dark. The taillight is a Texas unit. Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 8 The OEM spoked wheels wear Metzler Lasertec tyres with a 130/90-16 rear and 110/90-19 front. Shortie fenders are Maccomotors own. The sober matte grey paint comes surprisingly from the Ducati colour chart, plus a little black and raw steel. Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 7 Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 6 These big Zeds are big bikes, but the weight has it's advantages, giving you a solid and planted ride, (great in the wet) while 1100 Kawasaki CCs provide plenty of grunt in all gears and mile-eating road manners. We'd recommned good brakes on a bike of this size, but Jose & Tito have taken care of it already. Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 5 Maccomotors No4 Z1100ST 4 See more on the Maccomotors website or on The Bike Shed's Maccomotors page. Pics are by Isi Sellés, but never mind the virtual version - if you like the look of this bike it's now for sale.