Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 1 Yes, this is what you think it as. An MV Augusta Brutale. 919cc of finest Italian sportsbike that has been re-imagined into some kind of insane hyper-scrambler. Balls on the wall impractical brilliance. The builder is Fernando Martínez Reim, originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina he has lived in Barcelona for 13 years and over the last three he has been the owner of Mad Crow Garage. Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 2 The donor for this build is a 2005 MV Brutale 910S and the simple thinking behind this bike was to create something radical and controversial. Yup. ...Job done. As Fernando says "this is a bike to which no-one could be indifferent". Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 3 The most obvious aspect to the transformation is the massive, superwide knobbly tyres, which are Karoo3 Metzelers, cupped by a supermoto fender at the front, which are matched at the bars by a pair of offroad brush guards. The Adventure screen and fog lamps also add an Italian take to the GS-like front profile that would usually be seen leading Ewan McGregor wannabees through some desert road. Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 4 Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 5 If Ferrari made an Icon-sponsored desert bike it would probably look like this. In fact this bike might just be the perfect machine if you live in Dubai where everything is big, posh and frankly bonkers. The obvious refinement is added to by the satin black and gold paint with carefully re-created MV decals. Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 6 Whatever you may think of this bike it is a stand out machine and you can be sure it'll generate a lot of comments, both positive and negative. Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 7 This motorcycle is 100% Mad Crow Garage, built entirely in their studio/garage in Corbera de Llobregat, and all the customization including paint and seat upholstery were created by Fernando. See more from Mad Crow Garage on Facebook. Mad Crow Garage MV Scrambler 8