Motocicletta's Simmo has had another blinding weekend of race results, and they are rightfully proud to see their little air cooled machine leading a pack of water cooled four cylinder bikes. It really is astonishing to see how fast Simmo can ride that thing: Saturday, Sprint Series. Race 1, 1st outright Race 2, 1st outright Race 3, 1st outright Currently leading the Sprint Series with one round left to go... Sunday, TT Endurance Series Race 1, DNF, low side half way through the race while leading outright! Race 2, 2nd Out right, 1st Thunderbike Currently leading the TT series with one round left to go...

Simmo... Does this really pass muster for Aussie man-food?

Simmo consistently improved his times throughout the week end, and was churning out lap after lap within a couple of tenths. We couldn't be more pleased with Saturday's result. Sunday's low side was disappointing for all of us, but we managed a quick repair, and Simmo went out there and led the first 16 of 18 laps to take the class win.

"strewth, Bruce... Where the F*** did He come from?"

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