OEM EFI WACloud Old Empire Motorcycles in Norfolk are all about the "Pure Motorcycle"; back to basic builds, bikes stripped back to the minimum and finished at the highest levels of quality - but above all, made to ride. OEM EFI LSRA Although this is their third Enfield based build it's not down to their affordability or their abundance, but down to the challenge of taking a bike many people disregard and showing how much can be done with them once their potential is fully explored. OEM EFI Headlamp The same can be said of how bikes like the BMW boxer has been championed by the likes of Blitz, Kevils and UMC and Deus Ex Machina's much emulated take on the humble SR500. Even CX500s seem to be creating some astounding machines. All testament to wanting a serious challenge. OEM EFI Rside While many of us have a love/hate relationship with our set of spanners, they describe their workshop as the House Of Assembly; "where we pay daily homage to the gods of speed and fuel. Its the place where we meet, greet, drill, weld, cut, grind, turn, mill, hammer, roll and notch to our hearts content to create and display our one of a kind pieces of automotive art in all their glory." Amen, Brother. OEM EFI Bellmouth To quote Alex from OEM; "I guess the most important part of why we do what we do is because we find it difficult not to modify and alter whatever comes into the workshop, regardless of what it is, its a love for anything with two wheels combined with the fascination of creating completely unique and usable works of art." OEM EFI Bike between vehicles 2 The work that's gone into this bobber - the EFI - speaks for itself, from the deep white and blue paint to the finish on the metalwork and the choice of components and controls. OEM EFI Grip and Tank OEM EFI Grip LS Brooks grips ooze quality with stamped leather and machined logos. OEM EFI Lside OEM EFI RS Engine Polished cases boast British heritage - despite it being preserved in India, where the last of the old empire still casts a long shadow. OEM EFI RS Fender OH We defy anyone to not look too-cool-for-school on a laid back, low slung bobber with fat Avon tyres and tucked-in headlamp that can be kickstarted into life. OEM EFI RS Rider OEM EFI RSRA Check out more from Old Empire Motorcycles on their website, and you can see them in the flesh with a brand new build, (soon to be featured here), at the Bike Shed BSMC Event in Shoreditch this May 18th & 19th. OEM EFI Bike then Rider