Redmax NA 1 Honda's NX650 and XL600 have recently becme popular donors for modern retro street trackers, but there are other reliable punchy middleweight Honda singles out there to choose from like the SLR, and the newer FMX. Meanwhile the precursor to the SLR, the Honda 650 Vigor, has been given some tracker mojo by dirt-bike aficionados Redmax Speed Shop, who built this beauty for Nick Ashley. Redmax NA 2 Having first dipped his toes in tracker waters with a 400, Nick found the bike lacking in outright speed, so he headed back to Steve Hillary at Redmax for something with a little more clout. Spotting the potential in Honda's 650 Vigor Steve and his crew set about creating a bike with a similar look and feel to Nick's 400, using parts from the original. Redmax NA 3 The tank and seat were taken and recycled into the new build. The hubs were laced to American sourced 18 inch Hagon rims with stainless steel spokes, and fitted with Steve's secretly sourced Dunlop Flattrack tyres. The Showa forks had to be lengthened for more ground clearance and the stoppers were replaced with a Brembo set up. The front end was finished off with upswept Redmax FT bars. Redmax NA 1a An XR750 K&N Race Filter was fitted to the carbs with a Dynojet kit, all set up on Double-Take's dyno in Southhampton, The stubby, tucked in pipe looks superb. The bike was then stripped and powdercoated in black satin to match the side mounted Bates map, with a race numberboard and mini-speedo. Redmax NA 4 Having ridden a couple of NX650 based trackers and having seen this bike in the flesh, we know it's gonna be a hoot to ride, and Steve confirms that Nick is chuffed to bits with his new bike. Redmax NA 5 See the Redmax Speedshop Flickr page for more photos. "The saga continues. Nick is a very good rider and decided to do some short track racing with the DTRA in the UK and wanted to use his Cheney Triumph for that, but with Redmax's stunning black wheels, so off they came to go on his gorgeous trumpet, ...We found some alloy rimmed wheels for the 650, which are now this everyday street bike!" Redmax NA 6 Thanks to Nick and Steve for sharing their build, and to Greg Moss for the photos, taken at Tichborne Park. See more from Redmax Speedshop on The Bike Shed’s Redmax pages, on their own Website. Redmax NA 7