Redmax Triumph Tracker 1 Lean & green, this lovely Triumph tracker from Redmax Speedshop really does look the business. If we were going to make predictions for 2014, I'd say that it's going to be the year of the Tracker/Scrambler, and when you look at bikes like this you can see why. There's a great balance of old style and new tech and the performance and handling come down to lightness, stance and set-up rather than just relying on expensive parts - and they're a blast to ride. Try one and we defy you not to want one. Redmax Triumph Tracker 2 Steve Hillary is the man behind Redmax and he has a serious soft spot for bikes like these. "Our customer Andy is a local guy and he was on our wavelength from the start. As we talked about the build we could see we both wanted the same bike to be built, with a few special to Andy touches thrown in..." Redmax Triumph Tracker 3 Steve and Andy wanted to use a Redmax C&J replica monoshock frame powered by a T120 650cc Triumph motor, married to modern forks that looked old-school and disc brakes that would cut the mustard, so R6 multi-adjustable forks were sourced, attached by a billet top yoke and Brembo calipers from a Ducati down at the business end. Redmax Triumph Tracker 4 The wheels use TM billet talon hubs laced to lightweight black alloy 18" rims, to fit the special Dunlop streetracker tyres (that only Steve seems to be able to get hold of). The rear adjustable shock is a Ducati showa unit stripped and powdercoated black. The bars are Redmax Triumph flattrack items in chrome with an Acewell speedo. Lighting comes from a side-mounted bates lamp up front with a Lucas rear lamp tucked under the Redmax Knight flattrack seat and pad. Redmax Triumph Tracker 5 Further up the frame is a Redmax Brit-tracker tank with knee indents and a pair of Pingle race taps. The rearsets are Redmaxed-sourced Tarozzis. "We decided on a high level right hand stainless pipe set up, made at Redmax and based on a Jim Clarke Lotus v8 set up I saw once at Goodwood!" The head is single carb version from a TR6 to allow the pipes to move away from the leg and kick starter fed by a Mikuni VM with a RamAir foam filter. The electrics needed to be 21st Century reliable, so a Redmax Clarkey's easyloom was wired in with a Pazon ignition & coil. Redmax Triumph Tracker 6 For the finish, Steve & Andy settled on British Racing Green against the black frame, wheels, lamps and bars while the pretty raw metal Triumph engine was matched to brushed stainless pipes. There's also some subtle copper plating dotted around the bike on the headlamp rim, filler cap, spokes, and the copper theme went on to find it's way into the decals and even the paint laquer. It's a winning combination. Redmax Triumph Tracker 7 "The bike sounds sweet with removeable baffles added and rides very well, being light and flickable . She drew a crowd of people at the photoshoot with a load of questions, and when you catch the paint in the light it really pops. And Andy loves it. Job done." As it happens, job very well done. See lots more from Steve Hillary and Redmax Speedshop on the Redmax Website, here on the Bike Shed's growing Redmax page and expect a few more stunning builds on these pages in the coming weeks. Pics by Greg Moss.