Bikes, pin-ups, ink and retro... What's not to love? We're not quite in the calendar market just yet, but if we were I think we'd probably mix it up a little with retro themed pinups, clutching spanners and oily rags. In case you're wondering, the pics on this thread are the tip of a very saucy iceberg from a single thread on Perth Street Bikes. There are around 65 pages of pics... I wasn't looking for naughty pics... Honest. I was actually trying to Google Garage Project Motorcycles for images of The Brat, but the first Google Image search result that popped up was a naked retro pinup, in this thread. I think the boys at GPM spend just a little too much time on the forums - but having said that, I think I lost half a day on this one thread. I've picked out a handful of the more tasteful pics - which are bike or motor-related, or maybe just good lighting, but most of the original thread is just hot retro girls, so - approach with caution.

Yes, it's Christine Aguilera - but it's also a great pic

Did someone say metaphor?

"Fancy a lift?"

Yup, it's Kat Von D... but I love the colours.

Now, where did I park that car?

Whatever you do, do NOT click on this link. You will not thank me, and you may be gone for some time.

After Hoppy posted his comment below, I just had to add a few pics from the site he linked to. They're not quite so retro, but the mood is spot-on.