Who'd've thought the launch of Sideburn Magazine's twelfth issue would've caused such a ruckus in the heart of London's hipster-filled Shoreditch on a cold, wet, Thursday night, or had so many people jet-in from abroad just to be there and stand around talking bikes and bull. It just goes to show that people in the cafe/brat/custom crowd are ready to party at the drop of a hat (or helmet) and guys like Gary & Ben at Sideburn/Sideblog have the nicest friends to party with.

Gary sets out his store of high quality literature

The event followed the launch or Horst A Friedrich's coffee-table bible "Pride & Glory"- dedicated to the Rocker's Jacket - at Lewis Leathers earlier that evening, so the numbers at the Sideburn event were swollen when the old-school crew turned up in a roar of smoke... ...But the young hipsters were already assembled in numbers, so it was interesting to watch the new generation of skinny-jeaned youth come face to bearded-face with the original rockers, branding less trendy but more weathered tattoos, as well as having a few more years of practice at being badass muthas. It was a sweet scene to take in. Considering that the forecast was for rain, the turnout was insane, and long after these pics were in the digital-can people were still arriving on bikes, spilling into the street till local traffic was brought to a standstill.

Mark Eley & Hot biker chick.

Looks like the brushwork of Nicko AKA Ornamental Conifer, which seemed to be everywhere you looked.

Adam from Untitled Motorcycles (far Left) & Dutch from The Bike Shed (far right)

Robin (Visordown and Motorcyce Deluxe), in the fetching hat & scarf combo.

Double Davids: Death Spray Customs (L) and El Solitario (R) ...and Sideburn's always dapper Ben P dressed as a monochrome Captain Scarlet.

If this is the general reaction to a London biker's call-to-arms, it makes you wanna organise a mag launch more often... Thanks to Vincent from Southsiders for the pics from their Blog