SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 0 Steel Bent Customs latest build stays true to their 'less is more' philosophy, but in this case there's less of the less... Not only does this bike have funky paint, there are also side panels (shock) and I'd even say it looks like there may be a couple of extra cm in that seat padding. SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 2 However, it's still unmistakeably a Michael Mundy build. Clean and lean, and with a perfect blend of old and new working together to create a timeless ride. SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 3 Part of the difference in this bike comes, of course, from the brief and the need to accommodate two. "The client wanted something like a tracker. A flat seat with room for two, the paint lines to follow the tank to the side panels." SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 4 The donor bike is an SBC favourite 1976 Honda CB750 sohc, complete with kick-start, which came from the owner in almost perfect condition, probably as he's based in Texas, where there's little to worry about in terms of wet weather or sea salt in the air. "We hesitated for a few days to even touch her as we thought her original beauty was something we couldn't do justice. That wore off fast & we started tearing her apart." SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 5 SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 1 Once the guys got over their moment of mechanical shyness the bike was stripped, the frame was chopped, with welds cleaned up, tabs removed and it was then sent off for black powdercoat. The engine cases were polished and a DynoJet Stage 3 kit fitted with a 4 into 1 Cone Engineering exhaust which comes out short & stubby in a modern, almost motoGP style but with a retro reverse-cone outline. SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 6 The rims were relaced and fitted with chunky-treaded Shinko tyres. MotoX bars take care of the steering along with new instruments and lighting. SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 7 The hotrod paint job was taken care of by local artist Craig Skiver at, and it really set this build off beautifully. As we type the bike is already back to the Lone Star State to be reunited with her owner, where you know she's gonna turn a few heads. SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 8 You can see more from Michael Mundy & Co at Steel Bent Customs on their Website and on The Bike Shed’s Steel Bent Customs pages. SBC 76 CB750 All Bizness 9 The usual high quality photos are by Erick Runyon.