25 year old Sven from Germany had been enjoying his 1992 Ducati 900ss for four years before deciding that his ride could be way cooler with a little time & effort, but rather than just embarking on a simple little home-build he opted instead to join his father Andreas and his friend Thomas to start a mini-venture of their own, messing with bikes, called Cafe 2 Ride. The best cafe customs are often the most simple. Back in the day cafe racer's were not so much built-up to a design as stripped-down to the bare essentials. Bikes were simply coming out of the manufacturer's factories too heavy and too slow, so the ton-up boys cut the fat and added some muscle. Looks like this 900ss is an object lesson in doing the same, and we thoroughly approve. Add matt black body work with silver highlights, simple instruments, minimal headlamp and indicators, Imola style seat and then keep all the good stuff that already works! Job done. Nice clean speedo and idiot lights keep things functional but pretty. What you don't see is all the work that went into rebuilding the wiring harness and hiding everything away, plus all the engine work, polishing, powdercoating and general renewing of every key component. Braced swing arm and rear shock nestling in the subframe provides one of the main virtues of this donor bike. This is another fine example of a 900ss Ducati that's been given the cafe racer treatment, and hopefully is inspiration for anyone who wants their coffee served-up on two wheels, but doesn't want to give best to anyone in the twisties by compromising on handling and speed. Top work Sven. We look forward to seeing more from Cafe 2 Ride. Sven also tells us: "We are just in the beginnings with our little company but for now we have three finished bikes, an '82 Moto Guzzi V50 Monza, the 1992 Ducati 900SS and a recently finished '72 Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone. We also have three new projects to come: An '82 Honda CX500 cafe racer, an '84 Honda CB750 Bol'dOr flat-tracker and a '75 Honda XL250 restoration - all to be complete in early 2013." And in case you're wondering, we've purposely double-tagged this build as a shed-build and a pro-build, simply cos it seems to fit both categories.