Pegaso 1 There have been a few scene-haters out there lately; criticising bikes, builders, websites and the people involved. Nothing new or different there, and to a degree there might be an overload of particular types of donor motorcycle but I do think some folk are missing the point. If you could quit your mundane 9-5 job to do something that made your heart sing and your soul come alive, whilst paying the mortgage and putting food on the table; you'd do it, right? Of course you would, or you wouldn't be at your desk 30 minutes before lunchtime sneaking a look at the latest Bike Shed offering and letting your mind drift off into a mini daydream. Obviously not everyone reading this has a crap job or hates what they do but you get the point. The guys from Tamarit Spanish Motorcycles had dream jobs, making go-faster and look-cooler parts for Triumph Bonnevilles and Thruxtons. But they kept on dreaming, drinking cervezas, spent hours chatting about designs and ideas before setting up their own workshop. Living the dream, paying the rent and having a good time; anyone out there still not want to swap? Oh, did I mention that their workshop is right on the beach, under a Mediterranean sun, with mountain roads a morning's ride away? How about now? Pegaso 2 This is their take on the Bonneville, a scrambler they call Pegaso, a 2006 carb'd model. The usual strip, clean and powder coat gives a foundation for mounting the in-house fabricated components. The seat and tail unit is the most visually grabbing and steers away from the stumpy Brat-style that has become commonplace. The unit is plug and play, mounting to the standard fixings and requires only basic tools. Pegaso 3 In fact the rear mudguard is considerably longer than the non-existent custom rules seem to allow, but visually this works, balanced by the full on braced motocross one mounted up front, branded as "The Grand Bastard". Certainly enough to keep the pesky sand out of your eyes when riding down the beach to meet your buddies for a BBQ and sea-cooled beers. Pegaso 4 Proportions, lines, balance and execution; tick. Bars are Renthal with the necessary mini speedo unit. Pegs fore and aft are milled from billet aluminium in a BMX stunt peg style. Pegaso 5 The "Papillion" headers and mufflers incorporate small internal baffles for crisp sound and desert sled look, again, they bolt straight on without needing a degree in MechanicalAstroMegaEngineering. Pegaso 6 The sump guard is made from thick aluminium with large speed/cooling holes, to keep out the largest roost and protect from gnarly tree roots. It looks purposeful too, if that's what matters to you most. Pegaso 7 Damn it, I could have saved myself the time and just put a link to their shop along with this handy diagram. For those of you not enjoying the chilly, rainy day in London, here's a video for a few minutes escapism. So, there's another Triumph in The Shed but remember that dreams make the world a better place and the more people that follow them can only be a positive. Well, that's my view anyway. In the words of the man on the street in the final sequence of Pretty Woman; "Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'."