Scraton 1The Sixties, the ISDT, that bloke that did movies, the Seventies, On Any Sunday, it seems we bikers in the Twenty-Teens simply cannot shake our sheer obsession with it all. Toni from Paris is no different. He craved a desert sled to carve around the roads and hills of his now hometown Barcelona, and with no shortage of stimulus supplied by the bevy of gorgeous Pro build Bonnies, Toni set to the challenge himself. This is his "Scrambler of Toni" The Scraton. Scraton 2 Despite the desire to rekindle vintage memories Toni had no intention of turning his back on modern advances and strived to incorporate a high level of engineering and design in his period homage. To this extent he chose to embrace the progress and efficiency provided by the more modern EFI Bonneville and procure a 2013 fuel injected Scrambler as his starting point over its carburettor fed predecessor. Scraton 3 "The target of all is better performance and response on dirt tracks and a real vintage light design" says Toni. In this pursuit He spared no expense with the smattering of new parts he threw at his Bonnie. All new Ohlins suspension absorb the bumps both front and rear whilst a Beringer front brake system brings things to a sharp halt. The air box was removed and redesigned and the rear frame tidied and reinforced. Mini digital switches, controls, electrics and an ignition adapted to a CanBus Electronic System keep the modernities surreptitious. Scraton 4 The classic looks were achieved with the addition of vintage alloy mudguards front and rear, motocross handlebars, a Zard motocross exhaust and a shorter handcrafted seat. The passenger pegs were removed and the pilot pegs adapted with rubber covers to keep muddy boots from sliding off. The minimalist front and rear lighting, discreet indicators and small bar end mirror maintain the rally ready lines. Scraton 5 The matte black paint scheme keeps things simple and unfussy. The finished bike brings to mind the super clean Jack Pine Scrambler by Hammarhead Industries. It is testament to Toni's attention to detail and determination to combine period looks with modern benefits that he has personally crafted a bike that thrives in such lofty comparisons. Scraton 6 Toni has cleverly modified the Triumph font with the swooping 'R' to incorporate the name bestowed upon the bike into the build. It is subtle yet adds a personal touch to a machine that otherwise has the fit and finish of a factory build. Scraton 7 No doubt Triumph's modern classic range will continue to provide the solid underpinnings to many more Pro and amateur builds following the same set of influences. We say keep them coming, lets turn this touch screen Twenty-Teen world into a place where the streets are filled with dirty desert sleds that roar with a bygone soundtrack.