When it comes to all bikes we always reckon that "Less is More", and even with some of the more modern classics the argument rages between the restoration purists and those owners who want something just a little more original and unique from their daily ride. So - Ducati purists, hole your breath and read on. Jerome wanted his pride and joy cut-down at the back, with a cafe racer style rear end, which meant more work than you'd imagine, including a stunning new exhaust, so, never daunted by a challenge - Tim & Kev at Spirit of the Seventies set to work. "Jerome's Ducati was a challenge for us, not least because the budget was very tight.We’ve made substantial changes to the rear, adding a loop and bracing. We’ve used an ‘off the shelf’ seat unit provided by Jerome and created a bespoke exhaust system at the rear.


The whole bike has been stripped, the frame powder coated and we’ve also sorted out some wear and tear issues we came across during the build."


Stunning exhaust

Whether you like the original SS rear or not, Tim & Kev's quality of work and attention to detail are superb, and I think the whole package works beautifully - and I'm sure Jerome loves it even more. Check on more from Tim & Kev on their blog