This sweet little SR is Kiwi Vaughn's first build, and he's done himself proud with a bike that just begs you to just get on it and have a go. Here's how she started out - a cheap find on New Zealand's TradeMe. He didn't have a particular style in mind, just a plan to strip the bike back to it's bare essentials and keep it clean and simple. Vaughn started out by tidying up the back end with a tail loop and slim seat, cutting new fenders from old trailer guards, and a custom battery box to fill the gap in the subframe. To save on the cost of new parts he re-plated as much of the bike as possible - which is also a great way to ensure you have everything you need and that it will all fit. Initially Vaughn had planned to paint the bike in old school GULF colours, with the frame in orange with a light blue or white tank, but in the end he simply left a stripe of the original paint down the centre and stripped the sides back to the bare metal, which looks superb. All in all this SR250 is a lovely little shed build - stripped back to basics, light, clean, simple. Less is more... Why don't bikes come like this out of the factory? Cos it would spoil all our fun. Top work Vaughn.