Venier Tractor 02 1 THUMB Why is that some things just look so utterly right? Your missus on your, sorry, her wedding day, your first born child, blue skies over turquoise seas, condensation running down the glass on an ice cold beer. There isn't really a formula for any of these things, they just look right. Venier Customs' latest V7 Tractor 02 comfortably sits in this category and frankly there are some out there that would rather have this and trade in the once fit missus. Each component is attractive in its own right though not breathtaking (apart from the tank), but combined, the result is pretty stunning. OK, the photography helps. We love your work Alex Logaiski. Venier Tractor 02 2This is the first new-build Stefano Venier has completed which had its own challenges compared to using second hand donors but a learning experience that has reaped huge rewards, more on that in a moment. This Moto Guzzi V7 Stone was offered for modified sacrifice by a New York client who wanted a darker, sleeker spin on the previous Venier V75 Tractor. Up front the small LSL headlight and knobbly continental suggest a degree of off road capability, perhaps more Bronks alleyway than Central Park. Venier Tractor 02 3Extra room has been made for a pillion with a longer than normal seat, with the tank moved 30mm rearward to balance the visual weight. He or she will need to be good friends with the rider though as the kick-up may encourage physical contact during braking. Venier Tractor 02 4 Smart, all-in one GPS speedo by Legendary negates the need for a drive cable and looks the business, large enough to see the necessary without the chunkiness of some gauges. Just in shot is the knurled aluminium gas cap which must feel pretty satisfying to slowly unscrew, absorbing the admiring glances of everyone on the forecourt. Venier Tractor 02 5 The tank, reminiscent of a late 1950's Matchless Scrambler, is handcrafted from aluminium and incorporates the fuel pump, making for a neater plug and play fitment. Stefano is not a fan of lurid paint-jobs so the two-tone grey separated by a gold stripe was chosen, and doesn't it look awesome! The stripe splices the bike in half, the grey matching the raw cylinder heads and the black blending into the seat and side panel, and Norton Commando mufflers. Simply lovely. Venier Tractor 02 6It's good to see a British engineering firm get a look in on so many foreign builds, Renthal bars are still made in Manchester and a pair of their finest motocross bars are fitted to Tractor 02, albeit trimmed slightly for Manhattan lane splitting. Front and rear mudguards are painted aluminium, made in-house of course, as are the vented side panels. Venier Tractor 02 7Wheels can make or break a bike and Stefano thought the original alloy hoops were lovely but not right for this build so fitted a pair destined for a V7 Racer, and juxtaposed them with Continental knobbly tyres. Some penny pinching tight wad at Moto Guzzi has instructed that new bikes be fitted with plastic rocker covers, to save weight, cuts costs and probably to meet some EU vehicle component recycling quota. These have been recycled and a pair of vintage alloy ones fitted. Venier Tractor 02 8 Now that is definitely a view I wouldn't mind sitting behind in crawling New York traffic, albeit not for long as those narrow bars wouldn't be held up by much. Venier Tractor 02 9 I'm biased, I love 'Guzzis and city ripping scramblers but I challenge even our sternest of our knobbly tyre hating followers to dislike this effort. In fact, Stefano Venier seems to be doing such a good job that Moto Guzzi have asked him to be part of a focus group at the Mandello dell Lario HQ to assist with the design of future bikes. Accolade enough? I think so. Not convinced? Then there's a video here and some sexy images here. In the pipeline is a 1400 California, and a couple more Scramblers to get the Tractor treatment, I for one can't wait.