Here's a small selection of videos our YouTube Channel that we shot this year. The page might take a while to load, so if you are impatient you can click here instead.

Of course we have to start with our big show at Tobacco Dock, the biggest and best yet.

Having spent so many years talking about doing our own track day it was about time we pulled our fingers out. And as usual we got a bit carried away.... the inaugural Café Racer Cup was a huge success, roll on 2019

Ross took to the hills on the Triumph Street Scrambler, with road tyres and strict instructions to bring it back in one piece....

We sometimes forget that not everyone knows 'our' story. So we sat Dutch down to answer viewers' questions.

One of our goals when we setup the Bike Shed was to work with artisan and independent makers to produce collaboration gear that we believe is the best available. Here's Ashley Watson giving Gareth a tour of his studio.

And another.... Knox have been supplying our shop with protective gear since we opened. We love working with them and their design studio is just down the road, so it was about time we popped over for a chat.

Robbie Palms' Triumph Bobber 'Luna' was a definite crowd favourite at Bike Shed London 2018, and one of ours too.

Ross got distracted from his Yamaha 700 flat track build with a 'quick Rotax project'. Will he ever learn!

We like Nigel Staley, he's one of the most enthusiastic and charismatic builders on Shed Row. Check out his Triumph Rocket!

Fresh from his desert adventures Shed Regular Raph popped by on his trusty XT500, and infected us with a dose of wanderlust.

Shopkeep Gareth takes Ross through the stock of collab gear and BSMC apparel at this years show.

We love Cass' Metisse Harley-Davidson, nearly as much as he does!

Dutch and Vikki try to settle their age old argument of whose bike is better... you decide.

deBolex Engineering's builds have gone from strength to strength and this Ducati 803 Special is one of their best yet.

Restaurant Manager Jimbo has been fiddling with his chopper for a few years now, and he's pretty close to being happy with it. Until the next round of mods.

We started 2018 with a rundown of the incredible Moto Guzzi Airforce by Death Machines of London.

When manufacturers build so called 'scramblers' some are quick to judge the bikes as not being capable. July proved to himself that he didn't need a GS for his Alaska to Argentina trip.

And speaking of scramblers, here's Vikki's super loud Honda Dominator.

Another special build from deBolex Engineering. Subtle but staggering attention to detail.

And we couldn't sign off 2018 without a video from our dear friend Neil McNicol, who sadly passed away a few months ago. We miss you pal.