Tim & Kev decided that one of the perks of being professional custom bike builders should be a trip to Verona for the Bike Expo for the Motor Bike Expo. I think they had quite a party by the looks of these photos... Tough break guys...

Mojitos at Martini’s

Verona.. we had a blast. Friday night was the Sideburn shindig at Mr Martini’s and a good time was had by all. He has got a hell of a set up, a massive Triumph dealership on one side of the road and his custom boutique on the other. We had a great night, it’s an amazing venue for a knees up..

Mr Martini is a visionary. Where is the fuel tank?

Try the tail..

What did we learn in Verona? That you can’t drink enough mojitos and that the Italians have a thing for Triumphs like the Brits have Ducs, they can’t get enough of them.

Geoff and Anthony from Co-Built with Gary Inman, AKA Mr Sideburn.

Mr Martini and the Sideburn crew.

Paolo Sormani from Riders Italia magazine.