Size doesn't matter to everyone, but to be honest I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to cc, ...however, more and more often I'm coming across 250 and 350 machines that deep down I know would be a blast to own, especially if you live in the city. This latest bike from Pedro Garcia & Co at Cafe Racer Dreams is a really lovely custom build on a 1995 SR250, with an old school trail bike feel more akin to a 1980s XT, but with much less weight to haul around corners (or up flights of steps).

As usual, the attention to detail is superb, with every component thoughtfully put together. Brown remains the new black with grips and seat, but this really works on a simple black and silver bike, and it's nice to see some proper trail tyres on a bike built for business, as well as a purposeful looking grille on the headlight - presumably to protect the lens against damage from running down unwary pedestrians in Madrid?

To see more of the stunning bikes built by Pedro and his crew at Cafe Racer Dreams in Spain, check out their own website, with blog and online store.