2nd Chance Customs had this Suzuki GS250 brought to them buy a guy who said it just wouldn't run, despite him having "taken it everywhere", so, would they take it off his hands for $200. At that price they knew they couldn't go wrong, so the bike came into the shop and it only took them 20 minutes to get it up and running - it just had a crack in the float bowl.

It was a good start to a build story, but they didn't have a particular plan fr the bike, so it just sat in the back corner for a few months while the guys got on with other work.

Eventually the guys decided to turn their attention back their little bargain-basement bike and to bring her back to life. They had plenty of parts lying around from other builds, so they fabricated a seat pan and exhaust, cut down the original front fender and went about the task of hiding all the ugly electrics.

For the colour scheme they had some blue and cream paint left over, which they used to give her a retro paint job and added a red pinstripe and vintage badge, and job done.

So, true to their name the guys have given this little GS a second chance, and she's proved to be a pokey little runner, getting up to 80 mph. So what next for 2nd Chance Custom Cycles? "We also have three CB350's, two CB750's, a GS750, GS1100 and two XS650's in line for their second chances too." Photos have been kept in the family, taken by Brooke Beauregard