4h10 Cyclop 3 4h10 are one of the more creative workshops in Europe, putting as much effort into the aesthetics and creativity of their builds as they do into the engineering, so this fat-tyred, faired 1990s Honda is exactly the kind of stand-out bike you'd expect from Nico & John. Cool. Understated. Rule-breaking. Just like Silver Bug and Midnight Phoenix. 4h10 Cyclop 4 Cyclop is Nico's new ride, and after riding Silver Bug; a BMW R100, he wanted something a little lighter, more reliable and very different. He considered a Guzzi V7 and Kawaski W650, but the streets of Paris are full of them, so he set his heart on a 90's Honda GB500 "Tourist Trophy". It took him over six months to find one. A US import registered in 1992. 4h10 Cyclop 2 The standard bike is a bit of a collector's item so Nico decided he wanted a reversible build. The grinder was put safely to the back of the workshop, but considering he wanted a vintage full-fairing, he wasn't making life easy for himself. ...The bike was to be a two-seater, so he sourced a Corbin seat, and the work began. 4h10 Cyclop 1 The instruments had to be relocated,and a few brackets were moved around. Short alloy fenders were made by their good friends, Clutch Custom Motorcycles, but the big job was creating a bespoke fairing bracket to accommodate the vintage fairing, so an item was sourced from Haute Tension MC and was also modified by the guys at Clutch Customs. The black & gold fairing was fitted with a single lenticular headlight, which is what gives the bike it's nickname - "Cyclop". 4h10 Cyclop 5 Catalytic converters were removed, and free-breathing K&N filters were fitted with short, reverse-cone alloy end cans, and the bike was finished-off with mini indicators and fitted with a set of chunky Firestone Deluxes, which will have the purists up in arms and baffle anyone with a faired racebike, but as Nico explains; "This bike is not built for racing or performance (a Yamaha T-Max is just as powerfull), ...Firestone Deluxe's are not the best choice for urban riding, ...it's just a big and really fun toy to wake up the streets!" See more from Nico & John at 4h10 on their Bike Shed pages, their Facebook pages and their Website. Photos from Gotzgoppert.com