4H10 SilverBug FALS 745 This head-turning steam punk/brat custom with it's raw aluminium and medieval yellow headlamp is the work of Parisian outfit 4h10. It started out as a humble 1978 R100/7, but as you can see, Nico and John have made 'one or two' changes!

4H10 Headlamp 749

The raw aluminium tank is original Rickman taken from a 1975 racing Ducati - and weights just 5kg empty. The engine has been totally rebuilt with dual ignition while the heads are from a twin spark R80GS, and the stainless steel exhaust is a custom item. To suit the dangers of riding in Paris the front breaks have also been upgraded.

4H10 SilverBug Combo 800

The original rear frame loop was shortened and a custom two-up seat fitted, which was much slimmer than the stock two-tier seat but still comfortable. The guys suggest that it's suitable for a "tight girlfriend only". Trust two Parisians to come up with that! ...We think all bikes should be built this way, as a means to filter-out unsuitably proportioned lady-friends.

4H10 SilverBug Lside 800

The yellow-painted headlight unit is from an old Ossa mated to a handmade aluminium mini-fairing, giving the bike a very unique front end. Cut down aluminium fenders are also in keeping with the uncompromising looks of this stunning machine, while he hoops are equipped equally appropriately with Firestone Deluxe tyres. 4H10 SilverBug RALS 800 So, here we have yet another standout custom motorcycle from Europe, which is great news for the custom scene. And for someone out there, there is even better news: This bike is for sale. Check out more from Nico & John on their Facebook page and Website.