7seven_kawasaki 7 Ever wondered what Santa Claus gets up to in his spare time? He hoons around Slovenia on outlandish custom motorcycles, that’s what! Here we have the latest instalment from the talented and crazy guys at 7seven customs. The build was inspired by Kiddo Motors UNO; which was built using the solid Honda Dominator; they decided to have a go with a water cooled Kawasaki KLR650. Not your usual donor bike, but my goodness have they made it work! 7seven_kawasaki 2 Unlike the Dominator; as mentioned the kwaka is water cooled and you can’t miss that radiator, especially with its custom aluminium safety shield and Moto GP titanium water tank... Monster energy of course! The phrase custom is to be echoed with numerous other parts on this build, such as the skid plate, number board, battery box and licence plate. 7seven_kawasaki 1 Another standout feature of this bike (there’s quite a few) is the sheer amount of engine that is wedged into the frame, but maybe it’s exaggerated by the Laverda gas tank; we love the fact that it still wears the Laverda badge... as if the bike wouldn’t confuse people enough! 7seven_kawasaki 5 The wrapped exhaust leads to a custom silencer, I use that term loosely, and we are informed that it is FU... loud; we presume that FU... means ‘fundamentally understated...? The guys live by the mantra ‘loud pipes save lives’ The Monster features a custom rear end and seat, you may have spotted that the subframe kicks up which must double as a grab rail for any pillion brave enough to dare join the pilot... the rear peg lugs are still on the frame, so it wouldn’t take much to add them. 7seven_kawasaki 3 She wears a Metzeler Karoo3 on the 19” front and a Metzeler Enduro3 Sahara on the 17” rear. The custom paint has used just the right amount of Kawasaki green; half the tank, the front wheel, handle bars, subframe and rear spring, it’s a bold colour that their donor didn’t even wear but it works so well with the black and silver. 7seven_kawasaki 4 Up front there’s a little LED fog light, then a Honda headlight flanked by micro indi’s and all crowned with their custom number board, the 877 refers to the donor being an 87 and them being 7seven. As well as the bike getting new wiring, she also benefits from progressive springs in her freshly rebuilt forks, the rear shock has also been rebuilt, the carburettor has been re-jetted, new pod filter, it’s had a new cam chain tensioner and doohickey (if you’re unsure what that is, type it into Google) 7seven_kawasaki 6 7seven says ‘This is a working bike. Nothing else. Oldschool enduro, not so heavy on the road as on gravel or mud’ and they summarise the ride quite well ‘After the ride, we were smiling all the time. You can't not. All that backfire from the custom exhaust behind you … I will just say one thing: if you like motorcycles, any kind of motorcycles, after just one ride with Monster tracker, I guarantee you, you would like to have it. Period.’ Thanks for sharing guys, we look forward to the next bonkers (in a good way) build... now, can we have a go? If you want to see more from 7seven check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram