86MC CJ360 BratRat 1 Cristobal Quintana from Santiago, Chile seems to have found his feet with the 86 Motorcycles formula. Bare tanked ratty-brats. Each time we feature one of their bikes I'm reminded of why I'm up early on a weekend writing this, and you might be late at work reading this; I just want to go ride, simple. I love high-end engineering and mile deep paint but most of the time I just want to thrash the shit out of something and enjoy myself. Cristobal's bikes look as if they would scratch that itch. 86MC CJ360 BratRat 2 Honda's CJ360 is a rare old thing, a slightly less fancy version of the CB360; one less cog and no electric start, perfect for customising. Cristobal found this donor with a missing clutch, wiring harness and controls but the engine had good compression so an investment of time was deemed a sound one. 86MC CJ360 BratRat 5 A simple frame loop and cross stitched seat ticks the brat box and relieves the Honda of it's rather portly rump. A battery box was fabricated from steel and should oxidise nicely. Apart from front and rear lights the rest of the loom was binned, fun and simplicity overruling sensibility and legality. 86MC CJ360 BratRat 4 Firestones on painted wires with stripped and polished drums look the part, a fatter 4.50 out back and a 4.00 up front. Fresh fork gaitors, a new set of wide bars with vintage style grips are a good period looking option; low and lean. Bars always look so much better without all the interference of switches and knobs. 86MC CJ360 BratRat 3 The tank is obviously stripped bare, which is actually pretty low maintenance if you at least coat the underside. But Cristobal and his buddy don't seem too fussed about shiny and clean so will no doubt just rag it around enjoying the wonderful Chilean scenery. 86MC CJ360 BratRat 6 Check out their other builds over at 86motorcycles and their Tumblr page for images of dudes enjoying bikes with stunning backdrops.