AD hoc A A very lucky friend of mine has a beautiful fiancee to whom he refers affectionately as "Dishy" (bear with me there is a point to this tale). I assumed this odd moniker was bestowed due to her natural ease on the eye, but recently the origins of this pet name came to light. While it is definitely true that she has a larger than average round face, to compare it to a satellite dish is perhaps harsh. Never the less this was the flattering simile he had used to woo said lady in their early acquaintance. Charmer. Perhaps it is due to the prevalent usage of the mini Bates headlight, but Dishy was the name that sprang to mind when I was first clapped eyes on this latest machine from Ad Hoc Cafe Racers - Attractive with a distinctively large face. AD hoc B It has been getting on for nearly a year since we heard from David Gonzalez, the man behind Ad Hoc, but the beautiful Ducati 750ss he displayed with us back then was enough to keep us hungry for more metal through that lean spell. This 1991 Yamaha XT600 is the latest machine to join the impressive Ad Hoc stable. Ad hoc C "I found this Yamaha 3 years ago on a classifieds page, at a very reasonable price. I used it in its original condition for a whole winter, until I decided to start cutting. I honestly thought the process would be much faster, but other customer builds, delayed the project." AD hoc D The idea had been to make a very low bike in the flat-track style, but when David chanced offering up a tank from a Bultaco Frontera 360 that plan deflected course. The stocky, almost hump backed receptacle hinted at a more scrambler path, a direction David ran with. AD hoc E The next part offered to the stripped XT600 frame was that headlight from a familial XJ650, large enough to bathe in light whatever road or track the able XT600 is aimed down. At this point the character of the motorcycle was set, work began on the rest of the bike. AD hoc F The subframe was extensively modified, the central triangle was cleared of all bodywork and electrics providing a window for the squeaky clean shock. The lithium battery was relocated beneath the swing arm. A classic frame loop supports the high rear mudguard which in turn sports a Gonelli trials tail light and numberplate support. Ad Hoc G The Bultaco tank received the bikes only burst of colour while the engine, 17" wheels, forks, headlight, frame mudguards and classic braced bars were all finished in satin black. The short, scrambler seat also went black via some thick cowhide upholstery. David was unable to find an exhaust to his liking so manufactured his own high pipe with a DB Killer incorporated, and a good wrapping of tape on the outside along with the original heat shield. Ad Hoc H Ad Hoc's machines always have character in spades and this charming XT is no different, it is the kind of bike you can easily imagine a doting owner bestowing with a pet name in private. We will leave it to said owner to decide whether or not Dishy is a keeper. Thanks go to Nacho Hernando for the photographs. See more from Ad Hoc here Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Web | Instagram