Alex Veaone from Philadelphia sent is this gorgeous cobalt-blue & white Kawasaki KZ400 and asked if we thought it was good enough to go into The Bike Shed. One quick look at the first photo answered that question, so here she is. The build started back in August 2012 with a complete rebuild. Alex had never worked on a motorcycle before and had absolutely no idea what he was getting himself into, but after doing some research and getting advice from Do The Ton forum members he got the whole project together in under three months. The white headlamp and grips work nicely with the blue flash and pinstripe on the tank. Seems like clocks and instrumentation weren't on the agenda though. Stubby exhaust and shortie rear end keep it all tight and simple. LED indies are integrated into the sub frame where it's been cut to accommodate the shortened brat-style flat seat. The way Alex described it makes it all sound rather easy: "All it took is a 1978 KZ400 donor bike, small south Philly garage, some parts, some tolls and some upset neighbors. Major upgrades were: Front brake system swap, new battery box, new seat and new rear end. The plan was to clean up an already beautiful KZ400. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions." Well, Alex, I think we keep speak for everyone when we simply say; We love it. Great job.